DKT Workshop Trains Pharmacists On Modern Contraceptives

DKT International, producer of modern-day contraceptives took a stop at the Upper West Region-Wa to train Pharmacists and drug store operators on the side effects of contraceptives in a one-day seminar staged at the Delagio Hotel in Wa.

 The regional program brought together participants across all eleven districts under the stewardship of DKT, a social marketing platform on drugs and their side effects.

 A total of over 200 participants, ranging from nurses, midwives, pharmacists and drug store operators, were updated on modern contraceptives, uses and their side effects.

 Lead trainer and General Manager of DKT,  Abdulai Adamu exposed the participants to modern-day contraceptives and how to enhance their safety in a fast-emerging competitive world.

 Speaking on the training session, Mr. Adamu, explained the concept as a new concept introduced by the medical experts to track drugs and their side effects, adverse effects of drugs and health free system compliance mode.

 He said “at DKT we never underestimated the advise side effect of any drugs and its main focus was to prevent harm with the marketing authorization or outside marketing authorization”.

 According to him “some people use product out of label and for that matter we need you to partner with DKT to unlock the perception of the people and also educate them on the crisis and the importance to report on any side effect when they experience it”.

 The manager took the platform to hint at an even extended version of the training at the community levels as they seek to bridge the gap between the consumer and the producers of drugs and other contraceptives.

 DKT explained its new products and benefits to be gained from joining the group as a pharmacist or retailer.

 DKT International started a nationwide tour in all the regions in Ghana  to educate the Ghanaian populace on ADR.

 At the workshop was the Ghana Health Services, Pharmacy Council, Ghana Registered Nurses Association, Food and Drug Authority, Lydia Partner Clinic and Lydia Partner Pharmacy.


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