Four Years Imprisonment Awaits You If You Sell Dead Fish Washed Ashore

…FDA deputy chief

The Deputy Chief Executive of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) Roderick Daddey-Adjie, has warned that pimping the dead fish that have mysteriously been washing ashore at various coasts of the country is punishable by law.

Perpetrators face up to 4 years imprisonment and conviction to fines.

“If you are intentionally doing this thing, knowing or unknowingly and the law grabs you, you stand the possibility of conviction to a term of four years imprisonment or a fine or you get both as the judge deems fit,” he told Accra based Joy FM.

The warning comes in the wake of shoals of dead fish suddenly washing ashore around the country’s coastline. Osu, Keta and Axim-Bewire have since April 2, sighted over 60 dead dolphins and other sea mammals along their coastlines.

Reportedly, some of the dead dolphins have already gone missing. It is feared that the fishes may have died from poisoning.

The FDA says it has intensified public education on signs of contamination after it received reports from its Western Regional Office.

“Our options are very clear and we are not leaving any stones unturned, this is very serious business,” Mr. Daddey-Adjie told Joy FM.

Meanwhile, the FDA has since deployed watchdog teams to markets to inspect and ensure that contaminated fish does not make way into the markets. 


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