Minister breaks 22-year-old marriage

…uses National security as Libido Mafia

Whatsup News can report that a Minister in the Akufo Addoadministration (name withheld for now) has broken a 22-year-old marriage between a Ghanaian lady and an Australian mining tycoon naturalized as a Ghanaian.

And in an ensuing war of romance, the Minister deployed theNational Security to harass the Australian/Ghanaian, preventing him from protesting the minister’s alleged bonking escapades with his wife right under his nose. 

Paper trails, voice recordings and interviews about the shocking incident are in the possession of Whatsup News.

Also in the mix of the romance war is a kingpin of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who has become a close friend to President Akufo Addo and has allegedly been given juicy responsibilities at the Jubilee House.

This NDC kingpin (name withheld at the moment) presided over a “kangaroo” marriage dissolution court to force the 77-year-old Australian-Ghanaian to part with his wife and business to the said cabinet minister.

The couple already has two kids together and they operate a business together with a shareholding structure of 30% for the woman and 70% to the Australian Ghanaian.

Insiders tell Whatsup News that the said minister is conniving with goons at the National Security to eliminate the 77-year-old Australian-Ghanaian so that the woman could have all the business to herself.

And the “Helen” of the whole story has reportedly swindled top business moguls in Ghana and is reported to be amorously involved with Liberian President, George Weah, as well.

Meanwhile, WhatsUp News has it on authority that the Romeo Minister was only recently confirmed for a new portfolio after he was re-nominated by President Akufo-Addo. His approval had generated controversy at Parliament’s Appointments Committee.

This love-struck Minister virtually spent almost all his productive time in the house and office of the woman in the story, including spending the entire day at the house of the woman on Valentine’s Day, a situation that enraged the woman’s husband.

The scandal has reportedly stirred interest within the American and Australian diplomatic circles.


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