Whistleblower Reveals EC Now Feeding Cooked Pink Sheet Figures Into System

To Cover Up Evidence Of Rigging

A whistleblower from within the Electoral Commission (EC) has revealed that high-ups at the election management body have instructed that voter data system be imputed with conjured pink sheet figures.

In a leaked conversation with a friend, the unhappy EC staff revealed the instruction was given to the staff today and was meant to help the EC cover up their rigging of the 2020 presidential election for President Akufo-Addo.

 “This afternoon, our boss called us into his office and demanded that we input something into the system which will be sent to headquarters. Here whenever you type something into the system it goes straight to the headquarters,” the leaked recording revealed. 

“So if maybe NPP is like 5, he will mention something like 20 and if NDC is 20, he will be like, make it 16. They are reducing the numbers for NDC and increasing the numbers for NPP. Me, I see that ‘charley’ they are covering up their tracks,” the whistleblower revealed.

The revelation which was through a WhatsApp conversation also confirmed that the EC has since instructed that Biometric Verification Devices (BVDs,) which hold voters’ data, be deactivated even though the law requires such data to remain for a year after elections.

“Yeah, there should have been a run-off. And with the machines, the devices; if there had been a run-off the devices would have been able to pick the exact number of voters this time around and compare it to previous ones to make sure that everything was in place. But now that we have cleared the election done on Monday, even if there is a run-off, no one can tell which is which now. I don’t know why the order came,” the worried EC staff lamented.

He reveals the EC had planned long before the elections to deactivate the BVDs immediately after elections to clear out all evidence, saying when the clearance was delayed, high-ups at the EC called on them the very next day to ensure that the BVDs were deactivated.

“An order came from Jean Mensah on Tuesday morning that we should deactivate all the BVDs, like every information on it should be cleared…the order was; the things should be deactivated that very Monday, right after the elections, but ‘charley’ everyone was tired so we just went and the order came fast from our bosses next day so we had to clear everything. Anyone at the EC can tell you,” said the whistleblower.


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