Secret Video: EC Boss Whisked Away At KIA In Disguised Wheelchair

...Whatsup news to publish video in next edition.

A secret video, which could qualify as a JAMES BOND movie, captures a woman Airport staff  swear was Jean Mensa disguised in a wheelchair and hurriedly whisked away from immigration by escorts around 3:30 pm, Friday.

The video which would further deepen speculations which reached a crescendo on Friday that Mrs. Jean Mensa who made the beeline to the United States after declaring what has emerged as the most scandalous presidential elections in Ghana’s history had been deported to Ghana from the USA. 

This comes after the Commission told JoyFM on Thursday that the Commissioner had taken some days off and Mrs. Mensa’s sister was reported to have denied that the EC boss had travelled out of the country immediately after the election. 

The controversy about Jean Mensah’s whereabouts deepened after US-Based Ghanaian investigative journalist Kevin Ekow Taylor said on Thursday that his sources had tracked Jean Mensa’s flight to the US. 

Information from Whatsup News our sources at the KIA and JFK had corroborated the claims made by Kevin Taylor, down to the flight number.

On Friday, around 5pm, Jean Mensah was seen in a photo OP with Ghanaweb where she indicated how she loved her country and said before the camera that even though she had a valid US Visa she was in Ghana and had not traveled outside the country. 

By Mid Friday, afternoon, Ghana’s social media was awash with what seemed to be an insider information that Jean Mensah was onboard a Delta Airline Flight, and suggested that arrangement had been made via the VVIP lounge for her to be wheeled away through a Toyta Land cruiser V8 and a Toyota Thundra Pick-UP. 

But a secret video in the possession of Whatsup News has reinforced reports that the Electoral Commissioner, Jean Mensah may have been onboard a Delta Airline Flight DL 156.  

The sources from both the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) and the John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) disclose that the Electoral Commission (EC) boss was however not allowed entry into the US and had to return immediately on Delta Airline flight DL 156 from John F. Kennedy Airport to Accra. 

Whatsup News has seen pieces of evidence that strongly points at Jean Mensah being sneaked back into Ghana after the botched flight to the US. She reportedly arrived today Friday, December 11, 2020, around 3.30 pm and was curiously disguised as a wheelchair-bound passenger. 

Our sources at the Kotoka International Airport said, immediately she announced the inflammatory presidential results, she jumped into the next car and zoomed off to the airport to catch Delta Airline flight DL 157 with registration number N195DN which left Ghana on Wednesday, December 9, 2020, around 10.56 pm. The flight arrived at the JFK on Thursday, December 10, 2020.

However, by Friday, December 11, 2020, reliable sources tell Whatsup News that Mrs. Mensa was bundled into the next flight headed for Ghana: Delta Airline Flight DL 156 with registration Number N197DN. The flight touched down around 3.30 pm. 

At the arrival hall of the KIA, our sources showed us evidence indicating that to throw off prying eyes, the  EC boss was placed in a wheelchair and wheeled out of the airport incognito.

Nobody noticed, except for intelligence sources who revealed the clandestine trip to Whatsup News. Our sources tell of how the wheelchair-bound Jean Mensah was immediately cordoned off by heavily built men believed to be from the National Security Agency. She was ushered into a waiting V8 vehicle and driven off.

Whatsup News will in its next edition release details of the secret video recording on our website ( captured what our sources swear is Jean Mensa being wheeled in disguise through the arrival hall of the KIA when she was reportedly refused entry into the US.

Ghana is currently gripped in serious tension as it is becoming increasingly evident that the EC had used wrong figures to declare President Akufo Addo the winner of this year’s presidential elections.

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has rejected the results and its flagbearer John Dramani Mahama has refused to concede and warned that the party will fight till the “real stolen verdict” is overturned.

The deadlock between the two main political parties has the potential of exploding into civil unrest as millions of supporters from both parties lay claim to the presidency. 

All the blame has been heaped on Jean Mensa who has been accused of helping the incumbent NPP to rig the elections.


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