Fiifi Kwettey Dares Akufo-Addo For A Lie Test At Nogokpo Over $40k Bribe

Member of Parliament for Ketu South, Hon. Fiifi Fiavi Kwetey, has dared President Akufo-Addo to take a lie test before the dreaded traditional god of Anlo, Nogokpo, if he claims he did not receive a $40,000 bribe at his Nima home as captured by an undercover journalist.

Addressing journalists in Accra today in response to the NPP’s claim that President Akufo-Addo did not receive bribe but t shirts, the Ketu South MP said the President was lying on top of bribery and that if he has it in him he should subject himself to African brand of spiritual justice.

“If President Akufo-Addo actually says he is not corrupt, let him come with me to Nogokpo and see whether he can lie there, he will not. Because in the name of this Holy and Holy, he can swear in the Bible and lie because there is no fear,” Mr. Kwettey said.

Mr. Kwettey added that the President indeed took bribe as captured in the secret video recording by an undercover journalist. The journalist incidentally happens to be a member of the Tiger Eye PI, the media stable belonging to Anas Aremeyaw Anas, News Editor of pro-NPP newspaper, The New Crusading Guide.

In the video, wife of the Director of Urban Roads, Hajia Fawzia, had been seen giving an envelope to President Akufo-Addo through a spokesperson who explained it contained $40,000 that her husband, Alhaji Abas Awolu, was paying to save his job.

Awolu had been appointed to the Urban Roads job by former President John Mahama and when Akufo-Addo won power, members of his party, the NPP, were clamoring for his removal by President Akufo-Addo accusing him of being NDC.

In his bid to maintain his job, Alhaji Abas had allegedly paid bribes several times for a media campaign to douse the clamor for his removal, however, the campaign had not succeeded. Consequently, he is said to have decided to buy President Akufo-Addo himself.

He sent his wife, Hajia Fawzia, to hand $40,000 to the President and plead that he be not removed. All is captured in a secret recording by the journalist who works with Anas. It is the erring of this video that the government has been trying to defend by saying that what was handed to President Akufo-Addo was campaign t shirts and not money and that the T shirts had been handed to him while he was in opposition.


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