Akufo-Addo Has Failed On Corruption – Captain Smart

A long time media ally of President Akufo-Addo, Captain Smart, has graded President Akufo-Addo as the most disappointing leader in the Fourth Republic in as far as the fight against corruption is concerned.

In an exasperated rant on Angel FM’s morning show, ‘Anopa Bofo,’ Smart who is on record to have declared his support for the re-election of Akufo-Addo to a second term, blasted the President for superintending over stinking corruption that has assaulted theft of over USD4billion on the national purse.

“But Nana Addo, look let me tell you something, let me tell it to you plain. To be honest with you, when it comes to the fight against corruption you have disappointed me, I am telling you in plain language, because this Fourth Republic I had the biggest hope ever in you against the fight against corruption but in this Fourth Republic, in this first term, Nana you have disappointed me big time,” Smart stated.

“Look, we are in this country issues about the revelations by Nana Akomea alone concerning monies that have been stolen, not even a baby lizard has been arrested,” Mr. Smart lamented.

According to him, signature projects that the President is using to canvas votes for his second term, such as Free SHS are no big deal, pointing out that all of the projects are being pursued with loans that Ghanaians will have to labor to pay later.

Specifically with Free SHS, Captain Smart said it was no big deal because even before the program, Ghanaian parents were educating their children with their own money.

Indeed, John Dramani Mahama, the flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has laid claim to the free SHS, saying his erstwhile administration started implementing the popular education policy in 2015.

“Look, Nana let me tell you, it’s not because of Free SHS that Ghanaians voted for you… Ghanaians voted for you because they want you to come and fight corruption,” Smart ranted.

 Captain Smart referred to some US$ 4 billion that the Economic Crime Office (EOCO) claims have been siphoned away in corrupt deals.

” People have embezzled over US$4billion in this country and Nana you think we are joking? We are not!’”


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