EXCLUSIVE: University of Ghana Launches Investigations Into Dubious KIA COVID-19 TEST

Whatsup has confirmed that Ghana’s premier University of Ghana, has began investigations into the relationship between Frontiers Healthcare Services and Noguchi memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) in respect of the COVID 19 testing at Kotoka International Airport.

The University of Ghana is the oversight institution of Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research (NMIMR), Ghana’s main research centre.

Whatsup News has evidence that the University has launched a full scale probe into the relationship between its premier Nuguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research (NMIMR) on one part and Frontiers Healthcare Services and Omni Product Services on the other. The two companies are believed to have been secretly engaged by some influencers at the Institute without following any proper due process.

A source at the University’s registry has confirmed that a high level committee composed of senior members of the academia is frantically digging into the issues to ascertain circumstances surrounding the unclear partnership between Noguchi and Frontiers.

Multiple sources confirmed that the University of Ghana has already written letters to potential individuals and institutions which they deem may have more information on the matter.

A letter of invitation cited by Whatsup News read: “Management of the University of Ghana has constituted a Committee to investigate the relationship between Nogochi Memorial Institute for Medical Reseacch (NMIMR), OmniSpecial Product Limited and Frontier Healthcare Services

Nothing that you have or may have some information that may assist the investigations, the committee invites you for an interaction as follows:”

An August 27, 2020 letter written by Dr. Emmanuel Acquaye, an Action Chappel Pastor who claimed to be a Director at Frontiers, sought partnership with Noguchi to help them execute their juicy contract  at Ghana’s Kotoika International Airport.

The letter which was addressed to Professor William Kwabena Ampofo, a cousine of President Akufo Addo and the Coordinator of the National Laboratory for COVID 19 Testing at Noguchi asked the Noguchi for assistance in executing the test in accordance with the national covid 19 protocols.

Dr. Emmanuel Acquaye who signed the letter on behalf of Frontiers Healthcare Services has admitted in a telephone conversation with Whatsup News that Professor William Ampofo is his very close friend.

“Ampofo is my friend and he is at the centre of everything going on” said Dr. Acquaye during the conversation.

Dr. Acquaye who is suspected to be the link with Omni Product, the second company under the investigation had solicited the support of NMIMR to enable Frontiers carry on with the covid testing at KIA.

“Our organisation is carrying Covid -19 testing on arriving passengers at the Kotoka International Airport, Accra. We must make sure we meet all applicable standards and guidance for a top quality seamless operation” stated the letter.

It continued; “Per your role as National Cordinator for Covid-19 testing, we write to request your support for the following:

-Ensure standard operating protocols for COCID-19 testing are in place covering nasopharyngeal sampling and processing for COVID-19 antigen detection.

-Constantly review the process of timely transmission of Covid-19 antigen test results to the Ghana Health Service Port Health Unit.

-Assess the staff quality of work”

in conclusion, the letter stated that “ Noting that this service is novel and first of its kind worldwide, quality control and quality assurance is highly critical”

In an interview with Accra-based Starr FM, Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Bernard Okoe-Boye claimed the contract for Frontier Healthcare to charge US$ 150 from each arriving passenger at the KIA on the test, was an exclusive deal between the Ghana Airport Company Limited (GACL) and Frontier Healthcare.

A few weeks ago several civil society organisations and media houses, including Whatsup News exposed the intricate conflict of interest of individuals in the Akufo Addo administration who are believed to have fronted for the COVID-19 test at the international airport, apparently to line their pockets.

Investigations show how Frontier, despite not having a functioning and accredited laboratory needed for such a test, used the resources and expertise at Noguchi and yet, is giving the public research institute a paltry US$ 4 per test, while it keeps the rest of the US$150 it squeezes out of arriving travellers at KIA.  

 Frontier Healthcare Services which is reportedly linked to individuals with close ties to the Akufo Addo administration, is 100% owned by Healthcare Solutions Limited, a company which is, in turn, owned 100% by The Peters Family Company Limited.

Peters Company Limited is an opaque company registered in the notorious Caribbean Island tax haven called Dominica.

The direct beneficial owners of Frontiers has been illegally covered up, reinforcing it as an elaborate front for state capture.

Meanwhile, investigations show that Peters Family Company Limited is owned by a Nigerian billionaire businessman, Benedict Peters who is a close ally of former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo and President Nana Akufo Addo.

It is unclear how much Benedict Peters directly benefits from the Frontier deal at Kotoka in Ghana, however, it is certain that he is not the only beneficial owners of the windfall accruing from the COVID-19 test at Ghana’s international airport.

Further probing of the men behind the deal reveals that the point man at the Noguchi who made the deal happen is Professor Ampofo.

The intricate underhand dealers between the top hierarchy of Noguchi, the Akufo Addo administration and the Peters Family has not gone without serious opposition by civil society groups and scientists from both Noguchi and elsewhere that the COVID-19 test being conducted at Kotoka was a rip-off because it is an Antigen test-which is one of the least accurate and cheapest.

 Yet, Ghana was charging the highest price worldwide for the cheap test.

Also, it has emerged that the test by Frontier Healthcare Services has not undergone any clinical verification and thus cannot be considered safe to be used effectively on humans.

 “More alarmingly, our sources are adamant that a “globally novel” biomedical intervention, as the Frontiers Healthcare Services product has been billed, cannot be used on humans without the approval of the Ethical Review authorities at the institution. And yet, the Department of Virology has gone ahead to work with Frontiers Healthcare without any institutional review. What is going on here? “IMANI lambasted the deal in a statement released a few weeks ago.


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