Soldiers Could Have Killed 100 People At Doomfase But Did Not, Next Time Will Be Different

…Deputy Minister of Defense

The Deputy Minister of Defense, Major (Rtd) Derrick Oduro, has said that the gun violence that soldiers allegedly deployed on land guard duties at Doomfase in Obom Domeabra on unarmed civilians yesterday, was just the least of the possible worst.

According to him, the soldiers could have easily slaughtered a hundred unarmed civilians if they so wished, applauding the shooters for supposedly exercising professionalism and not responding to provocation in equal measure.

 ‘’I would want to commend the military personnel for behaving professionally because they could have fired back. They were armed and had the option of firing back but they chose not to,” the Deputy Defence Minister said.

‘’If the military men had defended themselves as they were supposed to, more than 100 people would have been dead. I must commend them for tempering justice with mercy. We will soon review the mode of our operation. What was the sense that informed the attacks on the military men? How could you attack the military men who came there to rather protect you?’’

According to him, yesterday’s incident was a reprieve, and should be the last time, saying, “We will not allow this to occur again. This will be the last one. We will fish all the offenders out and deal with them. Enough is enough.’’

Major (Rtd) Derek Oduro who was speaking to a radio station also said an investigation has been instituted into yesterday’s incident and that civilians who attacked military men will be fished out and dealt with.

What is interesting is that, his claim that the soldiers were attacked by the people of the area has been contradicted by multiple sources, including the MP for the area, Karen Ackuaku, who says that the soldiers had begun shooting after they were given a command by the Mponuahene of Apedwa, Nana Baffour Sarpong Okumakuma.

According to reports, eight of the military men who opened fire at the civilians eventually fled when they were later overwhelmed by the people some of whom could not be penetrated by bullets because of juju. Three of the soldiers, were then beaten by the townsfolk.


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