Gangster Akyem Chief Fingered Civilian Shooting At Obom Domeabra

…after deploying soldiers on land guard duties

Following yesterday’s gun violence at Obom Domeabra in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Whatsup News has been finding out Mponuahene of Akyem Apedwa, Nana Baffour Sarpong Okumakuma, ordered soldiers shoot at unarmed townsfolk, journalists and the Member of Parliament for the area, Sophia Karen Edem Ackuaku.

The Apedwa Mponuahene would later, allegedly, order for his own pump-action to join in the rampage.

Reports have it that a number of the civilians were wounded as a result of the gangsterism by the gangster Chief of Akyem Apedwa whom indigenes are accusing of attempting to usurp their traditional lands.

The victims were part of a group of journalists who were following indigenes of the land, along with their MP to do a mini-tour of the disputed land after a press conference at which the people of Domeabra had made known the facts about their ownership of the land that the Apedwa chief is claiming for himself.

While en route, they came across the Apedwahene and a group of soldiers that he had deployed over a parcel of land. Upon seeing the civilians, the Mponuahene ordered his troops to fire warning shots, however, his soldiers reportedly rather aimed at the unarmed crowd and started firing. The gangster chief then ordered for his own pump action gun and started firing at the crowd, forcing the civilians to run for dear life.

The MP for the area, Karen Ackuaku, narrates that she had to run to her car and speed away for dear life. She tells of how this Chief has been harassing the indigenes of Obom Domeabra since Akufo-Addo became President and how the people’s complaint to the President, the First Lady, National Security and the Interior Minister have all been ignored.

“On my rounds, I heard the youth agitating and complaining that some people are taking over their land and they mentioned one Mponuahene of Apedwa…,” the bewildered MP narrated.

According to Ms Ackuaku, she met the Apedwahene surrounded by guards with guns sitting in a farm “He himself got up from the chair and ordered for his pump action gun and he joined in the shooting. So, I sat in my car and left,” the MP said.

Critics are wondering how a chief of Apedwa became the commander-in-chief of the group of soldiers he deployed on land guard duties on a swath of land that he claims belongs to him.

The land in question has since time immemorial been known to be the property of the Ga people of Obom Domeabra. Even before Ghana’s independence from British colonial rule, the Domeabra Obom constituency was part of the Greater Accra region. In 2004 when then-President Kufuor created the Domeabra Obom constituency, all documents proved that the place was part of the capital region and the property of Ga indigenes. 

According to angry townsfolk, since President Akufo Addo became president in 2017, his hometown of Akyem Abuakwa started to laying claim to the land, in what residents say they will resist with their blood.


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