1 Village 1 Dam Is A Scam-Research Group Exposes Akufo Gov’t

A research conducted by the Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG) has shockingly revealed that about 90% of dams constructed under the Akufo Addo administration’s  ‘One Village, One Dam’ (1V1D) initiative in the Upper East Region is useless.

The PFAG research was funded by global food initiative OXFAM to examine the implementation of the ‘One Village, One Dam’ initiative in the Upper East Region.

The research was led by Prof. Joseph Yaro of the Department of Geography at the University of Ghana established that so far only 59% or 83 out of the 140 dams promised the by the government, were completed. Yet, majority of the completed dams have become death traps holding no reasonable water needed for irrigation.

 “As we have realized, dams have been abandoned and the little lands that families had which were given out for the dams have become degraded lands that they cannot use for anything”, Prof. Yaro added.

 “Most of these (1V1D) dams can be classified basically as domestic or livestock dams in terms of use. So irrigation really is out of the question for probably 90 per cent of these dams. It is not possible for irrigation”, the lead researcher explained.

According to him, the government could have constructed better quality dams.

 “We think that it will be much useful in the future, if we aggregated the dams and constructed dams in places where dams are possible and left out communities that do not have the best geology for dams”, Prof. Yaro said.

The 1V1D is one of the major policies promised by the Akufo Addo administration, this research add to a growing list of promised policies that the Akufo Addo administration failed to deliver on in its four-year term in government.



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