NATIONAL Security Mounts Harassment Campaign against Eligible Voters

Three Police officers of the Kpandai district Police Command are on admission at the hospital after they were given the beating of their lives by irate students of the Kpandai Senior High School.

The hospitalized officers got the pummelling along with the Kpandai district Police Commander when they stormed the school to stamp out an upheaval by the students who had been forced to stay in school for the upcoming West African Certificate Exams (WASCE).

However, rather than taming the students, the Police rather came under a mob attack on the schools as both male and female students united and launched and launched the attack.

It took reinforcement from the military to scare the students who have since escaped from campus, leaving the school empty.

According to the District Director of Education, Mrs Faustina Nayam, the eventual attack on the Police started as a protest by the students in response to the seizure of mobile phone handsets by a Housemistress.

“It all happened when a housemistress of the school seized phones from some female students of the school, The girls came out of their dormitories shouting that they won’t allow the housemistress to take away their phones. When the male students saw this, they also came to join and started destroying school property,” she is reported to have told Adom FM.

In the confusion, “the students destroyed 15 veronica buckets, two notice boards, the headmaster’s car and also the school’s science laboratory.”

This caused the Headmaster to call in the Police, but the district Commander and his men were in for a rude shock. The students overwhelmed and beat the officers up, Whatsup News gathered.

Reinforcement from the army was then called in to help the Police but when it arrived three of the Police officers had become hospital cases.

Upon seeing the soldiers, the students took to their heels, abandoning campus.

“As I speak with you now, not a single student is in the school, they’ve all run away and are now in their homes,” the district Director of Education said.


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