Six Health Workers Have Died From Covid-19 …GHS

The Ghana Health Service has reported that a total of six health workers have died from the coronavirus disease.

Dr. Patrick Kuma Aboagye, Director General of the GHS did not provide the names of the fallen heroes at a press conference in Accra today.

He also said a total of 2,065 health workers have been infected with many of them recovering from the disease, and that the recoveries are due to the fact that the government has been ramping up PPEs for health workers.

“The total number of health workers infected is 2,065 as we speak today. A 1,870 have recovered, currently, it’s 183 who are in care and are either in isolation centres or undergoing treatment,” he said.

“In initial phases of any pandemic you attempt to see that, but as we can see a significant number of cases have recovered telling you that of late the number of health worker infections have significantly come down, that’s why you have 188 positives after the initial phases.”

“You can see that in a lot of the regions, almost all health workers have recovered, which means that they have also not recorded any new health worker infections in the last few weeks and that’s fine.”

The positive picture created by Dr. Kuma Aboagye is the opposite of what the Washington based Institute for Health Metric and Evaluation has been projecting for Ghana which has been blacklisted by the EU as a country whose citizens are not to be admitted to the EU region because of high COVID 19.

According to the IHMEI, more than 6,000 people could die by November if the wearing of masks are not strictly enforced.


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