“Many, Many, Many” Court Cases Are Coming Up Against EC Over New Register…NDC Director of Elections

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Director of Elections, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has announced that an avalanche of court suits against the Electoral Commission are in the pipeline after Parliament passed C.I. 126 to allow the EC to compile a new voters’ register.

In an interview, Mr. Afriyie Ankrah said the litigations are in multitudes and that they mostly are going to come from ordinary Ghanaians who are appalled by the EC’s intransigence.

“..Many, many, many, many, court cases are coming…individuals, Ghanaians, all over. As Director of Elections, people call me for explanations, people call me and they have indicated that there is going to be an avalanche of court cases,” Mr. Afriyie Ankrah said.

The Electoral Commission has announced June 30 as the date on which it will commence the compilation of a new voters’ register even though the NDC has dragged it before the Supreme Court over the same decision to compile the new register.

Elvis Afriyie Ankrah brands the EC’s attitude as off-putting and provocative.

“It is unreasonable, it is illogical, it is arbitrary, and it just does not make sense that the EC will insist on using an NIA card that the NIA says will complete in September; by September, the EC would have finished registration,” he points out.

According to him, the EC’s action will disenfranchise millions of eligible voters.


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