EC Woos GMA To Help Unpopular Case For New Voters Register

The Electoral Commission is undeterred in its insistence on compiling a new voters’ register for the 2020 election and in ensuring it has its way, the EC has now decided to woo the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Whatsup News has gathered.
A friendship with the GMA, is alleged to be aimed at coaxing the vociferous doctors’ association  to relax its stiff stance against lifting the ban on social distancing protocols which are needed for the EC to start the compilation of the new register.
The move to woo the GMA , was revealed by acting Director of Public Affairs at the Electoral Commission, Mrs. Sylvia Annoh, today on Accra based Neat FM.
“The Commission is in consultation with the Ghana Medical Association [GMA] for advice that will not put electorates into any risk,” she said.
An alliance with the GMA would be crucial for Jean Mensah’s unpopular agenda to compile a new register for 2020. This is because as a very important carrying voice, the GMA has constantly advocated against lifting the ban on social gathering which has become necessary to fight Covid-19.
The EC would be directly violating this order if it goes ahead without the order being lifted.
According to Sylvia Annoh, the EC is seeking guidance from the GMA on how to safely conduct voter registrations to compile the new register.
The Jean Mensah led EC, had originally scheduled April, 18 as the start time for the compilation which has been met with protest from political parties and civil society organizations alike.
However, the outbreak of Covid-19 had thwarted that start date. And even before the pandemic would be brought under control, the EC has not stopped demonstrating itchy desire to compile the register even if it has to take asking people to line up amidst the deadly virus.
“We will take into consideration the period in which the exercise will be conducted,” said Sylvia Annoh who hinted the register would be compiled at all cost,” Sylvia Annoh pledged.
The move to woo the GMA on its side only serves to deepen suspicion that Mrs. Jean Mensah, who was made Commissioner after Charlotte Osei was hounded out by the Akufo-Addo government, is on agenda to rig the 2020 election for the NPP.


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