Abronye Pleads Insanity After Mahama Reports Him To CID

Kwame Baffoe, the notorious loud-mouthed Regional Chairman for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bono Region, has pleaded insanity in response to a complaint lodged with the Police against him by former President John Mahama lodged against him with the Police CID.

Even though the Police are yet to invite him to help with investigations into allegations that former President John Mahama murdered the late President Mills and has since also hired assassins to eliminate leading functionaries  of the ruling NPP, Mr. Baffoe who is popularly called Abronye DC, took the initiative to write to the Police in pre-emption.

In his statement, a copy of which is available with Whatsup News, Abronye DC wrote in reference to  ex-President Mahama’s complaint: “In paragraph three of his complaint to the Police Service, he (John Mahama) described me as a person with an unhinged mind’ and the law doesn’t ‘permit the police service to investigate a statement made by a person with unhinged mind.’

He therefore appealed to the police to disregard the allegation and rather focus on investigating ‘more realistic issues.’

The plea comes days after former President Mahama, through his lawyer, Tony Lithur, reported Abronye to the CID at the Police Headquarters over what is described as wild allegations made by Abronye on pro-NPP TV channel, Net 2TV.

Days after the former President’s report, the Police are yet to invite Abronye.

Abronye claimed  that there indeed are assassination plots against him, informing the Police that a pen drive that he has attached to his petition contains WhatsApp messages and audio recordings to substantiate this.

He also called for the arrest of the former bodyguard of the late president Evan Atta Mills, to aid with investigations into the latter’s death.

 “Under the prevailing circumstances of the demise of the late president, it was alleged that all security and closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) were malfunctioning. It was further alleged that as at the time the former president was being rushed to the hospital, the whereabouts of his ADC, Mr. Col Lante Lawson was not known.

“From the above, I am humbly calling on the CID to arrest and investigate Mr. Lante Lawson because from all angles it is clear that, he failed to protest the former president,” the controversial Abronye DC stated.


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