Don’t Vote Me Out Deputy AG Begs Constituents

Fear and panic appear to have gripped the Deputy Attorney General Joseph Dindiok Kpemka, who has gone on a begging spree for his constituents not to vote him out. He told his constituents that the main reason why they should not vote him out because he is a “senior government member”.

According to online news portal, Modern Ghana, its reporters intercepted a secret rally held by Hon. Kpemka to inspire his constituency to maintain him in the party’s next parliamentary primaries and elections

Sources say the deputy AG is fast becoming unpopular in his constituency, hence the hysterical rally to inspire his support base at the Tempane Constituency in the Upper East Region.

 “from the look of things if we losses this seat, we will never recapture it gain. Currently, I am a senior member of the Government. The entire northern sector, we are only three ministers,” he reportedly stated in the intercepted tape.

“From the Upper East, I am the only minister! So if I cannot provide your needs, the woman [referring to the NDC parliamentary Candidate] cannot equally provide for you. Even if you vote for her and Mahama wins, she would not be made a minister. So please don’t vote me out” tearfully.

 “…Those are fear are those who have made up their minds not to vote or me, but wouldn’t let me know. They are dangerous. But if you make me aware that you wouldn’t vote for me, I will make sure that, you will be the very person will to cast your vote for me.”

The Youth in the Tempane constituency are reportedly plotting against him because of his alleged failed promise to recommend some of them to be recruited into the Ghana Armed Forces.


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