Nigerian Woman Put Up For Sale In Lebanon Rescued

A Nigerian woman who was advertised on social media as available for sale in Lebanon has been rescued, authorities in Africa’s most populous country have said.

Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairperson of the Commission for Nigerians in the Diaspora told BBC today that the 30-year-old is now safe at Nigeria’s Embassy in Beirut after she was rescued by Lebanese authorities.

Mrs. Dabiri-Erewa exercised care to keep the identity of the victim concealed, saying the Covid-19 lockdown in Lebanon helped to trace the people behind the attempted sale.

The rescue comes weeks after a man put the Nigerian, sojourning in Lebanon as domestic help, up for sale for $1000 on Facebook.

A screen-grab of the advert shared online included the passport photo of the Nigerian woman, causing an outcry in Nigeria and raising fears of possible mob retaliation on Lebanese in Nigeria which itself has quite a reputation with kidnappings.

Last week, a man was arrested in Beirut for allegedly putting the victim up for sale.

According to Mrs. Dabiru-Erewa, the covid-19 lockdown imposed by the Lebanese Government really helped to trace the victim.


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