Korle Bu Doctors buying PPE Own Pocket Money -As over a dozen medical personnel contract Covid-19

Doctors at the National Cardiothoracic Centre at the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital have been forced to buying critically needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with their personal funds as the country struggles under supply challenges, Whatsup News has gathered.

In reports citing the doctors, they claim they were compelled to spend some GHC200 and GHC300 to buy PPE to protect themselves as they handle patients.

Korle Bu has become notorious for its lack of protection for its medical staff amidst the highly infectious Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak in Ghana.

Indeed, several medical personnel have protested in the past few weeks for the lack of protective resources for them. Nurses, Doctors and other medical staff have been agitating the apparent abandonment from state actors.

Nurses, this morning had reportedly shut down the Cardio Centre over the threat posed to them by the woefully inadequate protective gear available to them, Whatsup News gathered.

Official data shows that over a dozen health personnel in Ghana have tested positive to Covid-19, with report of a few casualties so far.


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