Severely Impoverished NCCE Gives GHS100 for COVID-19 education

A severely broke and abandoned National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has reported managed to squeeze out a paltry GHC100 to its district offices across the country for public education on the coronavirus.

The amount is barely enough to feed an individual in two days as one of the most deprived public institution pulls itself up by the bootstraps.

The Chairperson of the Commission, Josephine Nkrumah, did not hide the fact as she pleaded profusely to public and private institutions to save them from the embarrassment.

Speaking to GBC News, the NCCE Chair further called on benevolent organisations to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to its officers who would go out with the GHC 100 for public education on Covid-19.

NCCE is the constitutionally mandated public institution responsible for civil education. However, this institution is also one of the most starved of funds by successive government.


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