Use local languages in coronavirus education – Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson is encouraging state communication officials, to disseminate information on coronavirus in the numerous local languages.

Her comment comes after some residents of Chorkor in Accra, defied the ban on public gatherings and the lockdown, to party at the beach on Sunday.

Although they are in clear breach, Lydia Forson believes that with the constant use of English language, radio and television as communication tools, many of these people would come to know the severity of the coronavirus and how dangerous their actions are.

“We need to reach and educate people in the language they understand, use their chiefs, pastors and everyone they may listen to,” she wrote on Instagram.

Lydia Forson explained that in educating people with their local language, through the people they know and respect, preferable results may be borne.

“There’s a reason why we’re able to put a ban on noise making and they obey, or a curfew when a traditional leader dies. Communicate with them in the language they understand!”

The actress stressed on the fact that the constant use of English in the coronavirus education is not getting the message to the masses that really matter.

She added that the means of communications has also failed to help spread the information to the people.

“…those that matter aren’t necessarily on social media or watch the news. Even in the various languages, it has to be strong so they get it.”

Lydia Forson is not the only person who has stressed on the need to educate people in their local languages.

Prior to the lockdown, rapper Edem took to his Instagram page to share a message on the need to educate people using the local languages.

“It looks like non-English speaking people are being misinformed,” he wrote .

He then recorded a message on the coronavirus in his language and urged other colleagues in the industry who are helping with the education to do same.

SourceNasiba Yakubu


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