Doctors Slam Gov’t For Slow Response To Covid-19

The Ghana Medical Association has slammed the Akufo Addo administration for its slow response to the inherent danger posed by the Covid-19 coronavirus.

In a statement issued by the umbrella body of medical doctors in Ghana today March 25, 2020, the GMA said the emerging trend of community transmission of the Covid-19 virus should force the government into a rapid response by authorising a lockdown.

In the statement, the GMA issued a disturbing warning and extended a “call on His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana to declare a Nationwide Lockdown with the exception of essential services with immediate effect.” 

The GMA says the rationale for this call is because they have realised the disturbing trend of community spread of the disease in Ghana and the “obvious inadequate capacity of the nation’s health system to deal with increased numbers of COVID-19….” 

The doctors claim a lockdown may not be comfortable, but it is a proven strategy adopted by other hard-hit countries worldwide.

Meanwhile, another civil society group; Community Focus Foundation Ghana (CFF-GH), has also issued a statement today warning about the government’s dangerous foot-dragging 

“Inasmuch as we commend government efforts in this fight, we are unable to hide our displeasure about the piece-meal nature in which preventive and containment measures are being rolled out. As our president rightly said that “we are not in normal times” one will expect government’s clear-cut rapid response strategy detailing what will be done in the short, medium and long terms regarding prevention and containment of the spread. Unfortunately, that is not being done which we consider very dangerous,” the group said in their statement.

“CFF-GH observes with sadness the economical nature in which critical information on COVID-19 is being churned out. We are of the strongest view that by now, Ghanaians need to be briefed on the number of trained frontline health workers, amount released so far from the $100M COVID-19 fund, number and location of isolation centres across the country, number of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) procured and their date of arrival…,” the CFF-GH outlined a few things the government should be doing.

Currently, Ghana official infection figure stands at 68, having jumped from two patients in less than two weeks. Three people have so far died from the disease and an estimated 800 people may be walking around with the disease unknowingly, having been in contact with confirmed patients.


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