Ghana closes ports, KIA Today

Ghana has today March 22, 2020, officially shut down all of its borders and entry ports following the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Ghana has recorded 21 cases with one death so far, but the government believes it needs to take a drastic step against what it calls “imported cases” to safeguard the public health situation that Covid-19 can wreck on the country.

President Akufo Addo announced the shutdown of ports and borders during his live coronavirus broadcast on Saturday, March 21, 2020, during one of his recent live broadcasts on Covid-19 “All our borders; by land, sea and air will be closed to human traffic for the next two weeks beginning midnight on Sunday,” the President said.

“Everyone who comes into the country before Sunday will be mandatorily quarantined and tested for the virus,” he announced.

According to the President, the strategy of closing the borders is basically to limit and stop the “importation” of the virus into the country.  “All that the government is doing is intended to achieve five key objectives: limit and stop the importation of the virus, contain its spread, provide adequate care for the sick, limit the impact of the virus on social and economic life, and inspire the expansion of our domestic capabilities and deepen our self-reliance,” he said.

“The Ministry of health is mobilising new and retired healthcare professionals to augment our preparedness in dealing with a possible surge in infections. It is heartening to hear the number of retired healthcare professionals who have stepped forward to offer their services.”


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