Health Minister Exposed As Korle Bu Doctors Run Helter Skelter Over Coronavirus Scare  

Doctors at the country’s premier teaching hospital at Korle-Bu were thrown into a state of pandemonium with several taking to their heels in all directions when reports came in that two foreigners have been brought to the hospital with a suspected infection of the deadly coronavirus 2019-nCoV.
This fright of the doctors exposed the Minister of Health who had claimed earlier that the government had allocated about GHC 2.9 million to resource health facilities to be able to contain the potential outbreak of the deadly flu-like viral infection in Ghana.
According to Dr. Philip Amoo the Head of Public Health Department at Korle Bu, the iconic teaching hospital lacked a well-resourced holding bay for potential coronavirus patients. Dr. Amoo told Accra based Joy New that the situation struck “Malicious Panic” through doctors at Korle Bu.
“There is something we call malicious panic: panic that is not founded on anything. Just people [Doctors] wanting to go home…It is sad.  This one will shout, ‘hey, I have little children’…and disappear from the scene…,” he narrated the terror that swept through Korle Bu on Wednesday, February 05, 2020 when two people-one Chinese and one Argentine were rushed to the hospital in what was believed to be a coronavirus infection.
The terrified Ghanaian doctors may have a basis for their fears because in China, despite their extremely sophisticated precautionary measures, a number of doctors have died from catching the human-to-human infection from patients.
Meanwhile, Whatsup has picked up reports that tests on samples from two foreign nationals quarantined at the Korle Bu have turned up negative for the deadly 2019-nCoV.
The two patients were reportedly referred to Korle Bu from a private facility causing a malicious panic at the emergency centre of the hospital.
The coronavirus has caused a global panic since it broke at in Wuhan-China late December 2019.
The rapidly spreading virus has killed over 600 of more than 25,000 infected globally within one month.
World Health Organization (W.H.O.) has declared the outbreak a global epidemic and has declared a state of emergency.
The Ghanaian Ministry of Health in a statement issued today claim there have been nine suspected cases of coronavirus infection in Ghana so far, however, all of them have tested negative.


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