Against All Odds‘Mr. Loverman’ Security Minister Caught In A Strip Tease Video Call With Slay Queen ‘Girl Friend’

-Sparks Social Media Pyjama Frenzy

National Security Minister Albert Kan-Dapaah has been caught in a sizzling secret video recording where he was in a steamy conversation with an unidentified “Slay Queen”.

In the video that has so far gone viral on Ghanaian social media, the iron-fisted Kan-Dapaah who recently caused the abduction and brutal torture of two Ghanaian journalists was seen literally ready to drop his pants for his Canada-based mistress as he role-played the “dirty-old-man in a lovey-dovey” flaunting his pyjamas and briefly unbuttoning his fly.

The video shows the 66-year-old National Security Minister being coaxed by his young mistress who issued him a marching order to do a catwalk in his speckled pyjamas, of which he willingly obliged. He even raised his legs and did a turn around like a professional model on a runway.

Whiles on sleazy display, he was cooing about how he wished he could be put to sleep by a hug from his slay queen in a classic “sexting” mode.

“I wish I could have hugged you. I did


that day and it was sooo nice. It put me to sleep immediately. The last time you did it to me, didn’t it put me to sleep,” recounted the love-struck Ghanaian National Security Minister who is married with four grown children.

Mr. Dapaah’s ability to snooze off from a hug from a woman has raised questions about his alertness and his judgment lapses for a man tasked with the responsibilities of national security.

The tape is just a short excerpt from a longer uncensored version as Mr. Kan-Dapaah got even more steamy in the bathroom. 

Whatsup News is on the trail of the full version of the video which reportedly has a fully naked Kan-Dapaah as he dangled his genitalia for the amusement of his girlfriend who appears to be deliberately setting him up.

Mr. Kan Dapaah’s escapade is reminiscent of the sex scandal involving former Health Minister, Richard Anane, who was also on an official trip.

The sexual rampage of Dr. Richard Anane has been blamed as one of the factors that affected the chances then ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) to retain power in 2008. The current sex scandal of the national security minister promises a similar spectacle for the ruling NPP.

The governing party is currently sharply split over the shocking revelation.  While some claim he did nothing wrong and that the incident is his private life, others have warned about his public status and the repercussions from his unbridled pleasure trip.

Whatsup News intercepted a discussion between some top officials of the ruling party who are warning appointees of the Akufo Addo government to be cautious about their secret indulgence as it could haunt the party’s fortunes.

“…none of these appointees should assume that when they go messing themselves up, party communicators would come defending them. It is not going to happen….Nobody is ready to defend this nonsense anywhere,” states a voice reportedly from Kamal-deen Abdulai, a Deputy Communications Director of the governing party.

A statement purportedly coming from Mr. Kan-Dapaah and being circulated on social media, claims the whole act was an elaborate undercover stint done in the interest of Ghana. “The said conversation is, first of all, part of a broader series of conversations in an effort to uncover persons behind attempts to gather materials which could be used to compromise key personalities,” read the statement.

Meanwhile, the scandal has inspired a Pyjamas challenge on Ghanaian social media where people have begun posting pictures of speckled pyjamas for comments


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