Disappointed Assemblyman In Defilement Drama At Kotobabi

An unsuccessful aspirant in the just ended District Assemblies and Unit Committee elections is allegedly on the run from the Police after he defiled a 12-year-old girl at the Electoral Area that he had stood elections to represent.

Maxwell Brocke, alias “Junior” is said to have stolen away from his neighbourhood after he inserted his fingers into the private part of the hapless victim and the defilement came to light.

As Junior allegedly hides from the Police, he is said to have refused to pick calls that are placed to his phone.

What has got his neighbourhood shocked is that before the alleged defilement and subsequent disappearance, the failed Assemblyman aspirant had also been a Pastor.

This afternoon, Whatsup News got through to him on phone for his side of the story, and Junior picked his call against expectations. He flatly denied the allegations claiming he did not know what Whatsup News was talking about.

He would later, however, say that some people from his family are sorting the issue out with the family of the victim.

Explaining his sudden absence from his community, Junior said that he has recently landed a job in Tema where he has been working for some three weeks now and that that is the reason he is often not seen in the community. He did not mention the type of job.

He also claimed that he has at the same time, also been spending time with his wife in the harbour city hence his absence from his neighbourhood at Kotobabi.

Meanwhile, he has promised to make time from his busy schedule and deal with the “rumours that I have been hearing; you are not the only one who has been calling me, many people have been calling to tell me about these rumours. When I get to the bottom of it, WhatsUp News, I promise you that you will hear from me again; please let me deal with it first,” Junior said.

Interestingly, even though he claims that he has received many calls about his alleged insertion of fingers into the private part of a 12-year girl, family of the victim (name withheld) have also said they have tried in vain to reach him as he does not pick calls placed to his phone.


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