Police AK 47 Spirited Away at Yendi

A fully loaded AK-47 assault rifle in possession of a police officer stationed at a checkpoint at Yendi in the Northern Region has allegedly disappeared into thin air.

The bizarre incident has sparked fears that a criminal gang may have been responsible for spiriting the weapon away.

Earlier reports suggested that the weapons were stolen when the said officer fell asleep while at the checkpoint last Sunday.

However, when the media contacted the Yendi Divisional Command, they denied knowledge of the incident.

According to Accra-based Citi News, some police sources told their outlet that within one week two riffles have been stolen from some officers and investigations are ongoing.

Three policemen have allegedly been detained over the missing weapons and are to be subjected to a service inquiry.

According to the source, the three officers; Corporal Frank Mapram, Lance Corporal Heloo Dennis and Lance Corporal Noel Kumadzi, stationed at the Yendi-Bimbilla checkpoint returned to their station to report that their rifle and ammunition had gone missing, under highly suspicious situation.

Armed-robbers have been known to work in consort with police officers by borrowing their guns for operations.


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