Govt ‘Taxes’ On Uber, Other Ride Hailing Drivers

Government has imposed an annual fee on ride hailing platforms that is very likely to drive up the attractive taxi fairs that have made services such as Uber very popular.

The Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) quotes the fee as ghs60, to be paid annually by drivers who work on suchlike platforms.

Consequently, all drivers who ply by aid of the services of digital platforms such as Uber, Yango and Bolt, are now under a new burden of paying ghs60 at the turn of every year.

The DVLA says that it imposed the fee in as part of guidelines developed togetehr with the Ministry of Transport, the National Road Safety Commission and the Motor Transport and Traffic Department of the Ghana Police Service.

It noted that the guidelines will also cover companies who intend to operate ride-hailing platforms in Ghana in the future.

In addition to the annual fee, owners of vehicles who use ride-hailing platforms will have to obtain a registration certificate at the Digital Transport Center at DVLA’s Headquarters in Cantonments for verification and authentication. Additionally, per the new guidelines, ride-hailing cars must undergo roadworthy examinations and certifications every six months.


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