Rock Falls Force Closure Of Peduase-Ayi Mensah Road

Plummeting debris from a ridge of weak rocks bordering the Peduase-Ayi Mensah stretch of the Aburi road, has forced authorities to close the road to vehicular traffic.

A statement from the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) explains that the Ayi Mensah-Aburi dual carriageway has been converted into a single lane to accommodate traffic bound for Accra.

The Authority also warned that there is a high potential for further rock-falls to happen on the stretch of the road closed down. Earlier, debris from the recent falling  rocks heaped up on some part of the road that has now been closed down.

The Peduase Lodge to Ayi Mensah section of the road has become a danger zone following loose rocks from the edge of the highway routinely plummet onto the highway.

Motorists have been advised to use the Dome-Ketase-Brekusu road as an alternative to Aburi and the rest of the Akwapim Ridge instead.

The rocky ridge bordering the closed road is a landslide-prone area. Being a mountainous region, it is also an earthquake-prone zone. Several years of natural chemistry has weakened the rock formation and created deep fractures in them. Whenever it rains the cracks trap water and eventually give way under the pressure of the water, flipping debris on to the road as a result.


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