Trassaco Nigerians Chain, Brutally Assault Ghanaian Houseboy

– Over Loss of Ghc5, 000

The Police has let out some details about the reported manhandling of some Ghanaian domestic staff by their Nigerian masters at Trassaco Phase 2 in Accra, which has outraged the Ghanaian public.

Insp. Kwabena Danso, Deputy Public Relations Officer of the Accra Region Command reveals that the manhandling, which included beating the two Ghanaian house helps, chaining them and locking them up in a toilet had been perpetrated by the Nigerians over an alleged disappearance of ghc5,000 from their home.

A mother of the four suspects – Henry Njumah Chinedu, , Abdul Jamal Issa, Felix Obabile and Oknkwo Ezekiel, had complained of the money being spirited away from her and accused the Ghanaian house helps of stealing it.

The four Nigerians had then confronted the two Ghanaians and demanded that they produce the money, but the two denied knowledge and this led to the Nigerians reporting the suspected theft to the East Legon Police.

Investigations by the Police had failed to produce any evidence that the house helps had stolen the money and so the Police granted them bail. It was in angry reaction to the bail that the Nigerians subjected them to torture in an attempt to force a confession from them.

One of the househelps sustained a swollen head as a result of severe beatings he received.

After several rounds of blows and slaps, the Nigerian masters had reportedly chained them and then locked them up in a toilet with the threat to dump them alive into a manhole at dawn, last week Monday.

Out of fear, one of the house helps cried out in hopes to attract the attention of people who passed by the toilet, and according to a passer-by who initiated their rescue, the victim’s distress calls included pleas that he be rescued before dawn, or he would be dumped in a manhole.

The man whose attention was arrested by the cries has since reported that when he approached House Number plot 17 in Trassaco and knocked on the door, no response emerged for a long time, and when the response finally came, it was followed by a well-built Nigerian man.

His enquiries about the distress calls annoyed the man into ordering him to leave the property. The Nigerian man would later fly into a rage upon his insistence on reaching out to the distressed voice, stabbing him in the hand with a broken bottle in the process.

The man sensing that something sinister was happening then withdrew into the Trassaco community and mobilized youth from the area who massed up around the house and eventually forced the gates open.

As part of the fracas, one of four vehicles believed to be owned by the Nigerians was burnt down.

When eventually they rescued the two Ghanaians, they found out that they had been beaten to pulp with one having his head swollen from violent blows. They also found out to their shock that they had been chained up in the toilet where they had been incarcerated.

The Police have since arrested the four suspects and according to Inspector Kwabena Danso, they are being processed for court.


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