Pepsi Drinks Made With Expired Concentrates On Market

Some beverage products on the market which are from the stables of SBC Beverages, makers of Pepsi and Miranda, are reportedly made with expired concentrates.

Accra based 3fm has reported that thousands of crates of RGB Mirinda Pineapple and RGB Mirinda Fruity, manufactured from November 9, 2018, to August 5 this year, are on recall because the expired ingredients they were made with.

SBC beverages Ghana Limited is the sole franchise owner and bottler of the Pepsi range of products.

Following the discovery that it allegedly used expired concentrates to make the beverages, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has ordered the company to recall the products.

A total of 183,136 crates of the unwholesome beverages are involved.

Following the FDA’s directive that the company recalls the products, a document from the Authority shows that only a small part of the consignment has been recalled.

Dated September 3, 2019, the document revealed the company has recalled “2,056 crates of RGB Mirinda Fruity and Pineapple out of 183,136 crates”.

This means there are 181,080 crates of expired Pepsi products still in the market.


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