Kitchen Knife Coup’s False Hero Rising In Army Via Dirty Tricks

The enthusiasm of the military officer who has been cast as the heroic mastermind behind the foiling of the supposed kitchen knife and pepper bomb coup plot has raised suspicions as it turns out that he is seriously gunning for a top position in the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), WhatsUp News has been finding out.

Major General Nicholas Peter Andoh, Chief of Staff, General Headquarters of the Ghana Armed Forces is said to be nursing a curiously ambitious plan to head the army as Chief of Defense Staff (a non-existing post) `and has been using every dirty trick in the book to further that end.

Sources have been revealing that Maj. Gen. Andoh’s role as the supposed hero who got Sergeant Awarf to secretly record the kitchen knife coup plotters in action is very much characteristic of the man who uses shrewd moves to cast himself as a very hardworking army officer to earn promotions.

These sources cite an inside tale concerning Maj. Gen. Andoh and some US$295,000 belonging to UNMISS 4 troops meant for payment of CIF certain items but has gone missing.

Sometime in 2018, Andoh then a Brigadier General and Director in charge of Military Intelligence of the Ghana Armed Forces. While at the helm, some US$295,000 that the army had set aside to wire to Italy to pay for purchases made by some soldiers during their peacekeeping mission.

At that time, the Army Commander was Maj. Gen. William Azure Ayamdu who is now retired. He commissioned a private investigator called Ranger 1, to chase the dough.

Sources suggest the hiring of the private investigator became necessary because the Defense intelligence was helpless.

The private investigator, (Ranger 1) traced the money to an Italian cum Nigerian fraud network and retrieved the money for the Ghana Armed Forces. However, after the money was retrieved, Brigadier Nicholas Peter Andoh claimed he and the Defense Intelligence had worked to retrieve the money.

Maj. Gen. Andoh, would later claim credit for himself, in what his critics suspect was a ploy to put him in good stead for promotion in the army.

That power move has been in the memory of military sources who have since drawn parallels to the shrewd Major General’s role as the mastermind behind the secret recording of supposed coup plotters who had stockpiled weapons including kitchen knives and sacks of dry pepper in an attempt to overthrow the Akufo-Addo government.

Multiple sources in the military have told WhatsUp News the involvement of Maj. General Andoh in the alleged counter-intelligence operation is rather suggestive that the supposed coup plot could have been staged-managed by Andoh as part of his antics to become the CDS.

Meanwhile, Andoh’s supposed heroic role in getting Staff Sergeant Sule Kwadwo Awarf, to secretly record plotters of the kitchen knife coup led to his promotion from Brigadier General to Major General, sources say.

Maj. Gen. Andoh also rose from Director of Defense Intelligence to Chief of Defense Intelligence, a role that has no legal backing in the army and then to Chief of Staff Army Headquarters by dint of his supposed sterling performance.

His promotion had raised questions in the army as many officers feel the man did not retrieve the US$295,000.

Also, his alleged promotion over his role in foiling the supposed kitchen knife coup plot has led to questions, given that the suspects of the coup plot are still under trial.


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