Public Sector Jobs Up For Sale To Corrupt Middlemen at Ghc10, 000 and Ghc20, 000

A policy innovation consultant, Peter Bismarck Kwoffie, has re-harped on widespread complaints by beneficiaries of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) program, that beneficiaries of the programme had been fleeced between Ghc10,000 and Ghc20,000 before they can be employed into the public sector as promised.

Bismarck Kwoffie, who is the Co-President of the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation confirms that these humongous bribes are being demanded from the NABCO trainees.

“You know jobs are being sold in the country. Public sector jobs are sold everywhere. As much as 10,000 cedis, 15,000 and 20,000 Ghana cedis are on. I was even carrying out a one-man demonstration on that because people are collecting 20,000; if u can afford it, you’re okay and you get a job in the province. It does not matter the qualification or job experience. If u can pay the money, you get the job. Public sector jobs are for sale. These things are open secrets; they are there,” Mr. Kwoffie told TV3’S Berla Mundi on its New Day program.

He challenged TV3 to interview job seekers for themselves, including Police recruits.

 “Take your cameras and go out there; ask those who pay to get a job. The reason why corruption won’t end in the police is that some paid to enter. Now they borrowed lots of money from individuals, from family members. So when they enter, it means that you have to refund the money,” Kwofie said.

He agrees that entrepreneurship is the way to go, but said Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta’s advice to Ghanaian university graduates to make incursions into the area rather than look up to the government for jobs is simplistic and not feasible.

“I want to talk about the entrepreneurship thing; you know it’s not everyone that has entrepreneur behavior. So there are individuals that have entrepreneur ambitions with no entrepreneur behavior and monies can be given to people to startup businesses but it won’t work because entrepreneurial behavior is not developed,” Mr. Kwofie fired.


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