Anlo Has Ruled Ghana The Longest, Anlo Has Much To Offer

…Togbi Nyaho Tamakloe VI

The Dufia of Whuti, Paramount Chief of Kome-Shime and Miafiaga of Anlo, Togbu Nyaho Tamakloe Vl, has said that Anlos have a lot to offer Ghana and that evidence of the potential is carried in the track record in government.

At the outdooring of the new Anlo Chief on Saturday, Togbi Tamakloe VI pointed out that Anlos from the Volta Region have ruled Ghana the longest, of all tribes in Ghana and has bright sons and daughters who are still capable of contributing immensely to national development.

“We ruled Ghana more than any other group of people in Ghana. We made a lot of sacrifices for the good of this country. We can also use the same energy to serve our people. We’re highly educated, resourceful, and all the other good qualities. I have come to help and to work with you,” he said.

The statement was apparently in reference to the fact that late former President Jerry John Rawlings, an Anlo, was the longest-serving Head of State in the entire political history of Ghana.

Rawlings ruled Ghana for a total of 19 years, first as a military leader under the AFRC and later the PNDC for 11 years and later as a democratically elected leader for 8 years.

Indeed, apart from Ghana’s first President, Osaagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Rawlings has been the most influential in Ghana politics, among other things birthing and nurturing the current Fourth Republic of Ghana.

Togbi Nyaho Tamakloe Vl who is also the Chief Administrative Officer Consultant in Canada and President of Ghana Friendship Association of Edmonton, called for unity among the chiefs and people to allow for development projects in the area.

He called for the “dredging of the Keta Lagoon to have the biggest man-made fish pond in the universe,” and diversifying agriculture to benefit the teeming unemployed youth, saying g the spirit of Anlo must rise again.

The outdooring ceremony was chaired by Mr. Alex Kwasi Bruks, the founder of Bruks Associates. It was a scene for the display of rich Anlo culture with chiefs from all three wings of Anlo State (left, middle and right) gracing the occasion.

The chiefs included Togbi Gbordzor III, the Dusifiaga of Anlo. Also in attendance were members of the diplomatic corps including Mr Eliphas Barine, Kenyan High Commissioner to Ghana and Awoki Panassa, the Togolese Ambassador to Ghana.

Togbi Nyaho Tamakloe VI is 58 years old. He is known in private life as Ezekiel Keli Tamakloe.

He holds a Master of Business Administration and a Sociology major with a Diploma in Education and is a former Edmonton Police Commissioner.

 Togbi Tamakloe Vl is the recipient of several leadership awards including National Honours award, Achievers of Ghana, and Lifetime Achievement award recognition, has lived in and travelled through North America, Europe and African countries including Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Zambia, Botswana, Togo and Kenya.


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