Sam George Run To Church For Spiritual Fortification

-As LGBTQ++ Groups Reportedly Threatens His Life Over Anti-LGBTQ Bill

Samuel George, the Ningo-Prampram Member of Parliament (MP) who is the main sponsor of the so-called anti-LGBTQ++ Bill in Parliament was on Sunday given spiritual fortification by Bishop Charles Agyin Asare, the Founder of the World Miracle Church International.

Apparently, spiritual protection is needed, following allegations by the Speaker of Parliament, Alban Sumana Bagbin revealing that pro-LGBTQ++ groups are threatening the lives of the lawmakers pushing the bill dubbed: “Bill To Promote Proper Human Sexual Rights And Ghanaian Family Values.”

Insider information received by Whatsup News indicates that Mr. Bagbin himself has beefed up his security following suspicion that some pro-LGBTQ++ elements were planning a hit on him for his hardline stance to pass the legislation that outlaws activities promoting LGBTQ++ in Ghana.

Sam George’s supernatural intervention, therefore, fits into the uneasiness around the reported threats to the lives of the majority of parliamentarians pushing the bill that is set to be passed in a few days.

In videos spotted by Whatsup News Bishop Agyin-Asare is seen laying hands on the legislator and offered prayers on his behalf as he poured anointing oil on his head.

“… We say no weapon fashioned against him shall prosper, We say when they gather against him, let it not be of you. When they come one way, let them scatter seven ways. Give him insight, give him utterance. Protect him protect his family by the power of the Holy Ghost. Protect his going out and coming in,” Agyin-Asare prayed. 

“Vehicles he will ride, people he will meet, water he will drink, food that he will eat; everything, protect him in the name of Jesus. And we pray that your name alone shall be exalted and glorified in Jesus name we call it done. Give the Lord praise Hallelujah”, Bishop Agyin-Asare prayed. 

Agyin-Asare joins the expanding list of Ghanaians clergymen, religious and traditional leadership that are vehemently against the growing calls for Ghana to liberalise its environment for LGBTQ++ activities to thrive.

The religious and traditional leaders believe that MPs owe Ghanaians the moral duty to pass laws in the interest of the majority, hence, Ghanaian family values legislation set to be debated in the law-making chamber appears to be a top priority, following the intense public debate currently ongoing.

The bill is in line with the views of about 97% of Ghanaians who say they do not want LGBTQ++ activities liberalised in the country. The study that revealed the overwhelming public support for Sam George’s Private Member Bill was conducted by the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD).

Meanwhile, a handful of individuals and gay lobby groups are resisting the bill, with a high-profile lobby group of 18 intellectuals filing a memorandum in Parliament opposing the bill. The group is led by Akoto Ampaw, President Akufo-Addo’s personal lawyer and good friend, in what critics think is an inspiration possibly derived from Akufo Addo, even though he had vowed not to liberalise Ghana for LGBTQ++ activities.


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