Gomoa Chief Calls Out Afenyo Markins Over Land Grabbing

Afenyo Markins

The Paramount Chief of Gomoa Ajumako, Obrepong Yanfo Krapah XI has warned the Member of Parliament for Effutu Constituency, Alex Afenyo Markins, over alleged land stealing gerrymandering that the MP is reportedly perpetrating.

The chief who is also a former President of the Central Regional House of Chiefs tells Afenyo Markins that the patience of the people of Gomoa Ajukuma is not their weakness and that his encroachment on their lands will be resisted.

“If Afenyo Markin thinks he can take Gomoa’s land to Winneba, we won’t allow that. We will fight with our blood. We won’t allow him to do that. If he wants to bring tribal war, he should prepare for it, he will get it,” Obrempong said in an interview with Coastal FM in Mankessim.

He accuses the MP of acting together with the Chief of Winneba to carry out the land theft, calling President Akufo-Addo to intervene.

“The Chief of Winneba is aware of his boundaries but is supporting his MP to fight for more lands for him. The Chief has gone to court and the court has made his boundaries clear to him. Our MP has warned him to stay off our lands but Afenyo Markin insists he is not backing down. So now it’s not about the law that is why we are calling on the President to intervene because all the people we asked to intervene have failed,” the angry Gomoa chief said.

According to Obrepong Yanfo Krapah XI, the so-called “big men” that had been sent to resolve the issue failed to resolve it hence the need for the President himself to step in.

According to him, a court of competent jurisdiction had duly demarcated the land and yet Afenyo Markins is citing projects in the land of the people of Gomoa Ajumako.


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