Multichoice introduces XtraView for DStv Business Play customers

The past year has been as much about introducing innovative products that help make
the lives of DStv customers easier, as it has been about refining what works, in order to
make it easier for consumers to keep enjoying the content, they love across DStv
channels. DStv Business has been at the forefront of giving business customers the
kind of entertainment options suited for pubs, Clubs, bars, restaurants, B&Bs, hotels
and other kinds of businesses.
It is with the customer’s interest in mind that DStv is introducing XtraView for our DStv
Business Play customers across the continent.
“We understand that the past few months have been about change for most of our
business customers. Therefore, we are bringing one of our innovative products,
XtraView, to our DStv Business Play customers to help them go the extra mile for their
patrons. With XtraView, your pub, club or restaurant will be able to have up to three
decoders, in the same viewing area, at the cost of just a single monthly subscription. All
that will be required is a small access fee,” said Alex Okyere, Managing Director
MultiChoice Ghana.
This exciting milestone means that all three decoders can be operated independent of
each other to ensure that patrons receive the maximum amount of choice, no matter
what their tastes are. XtraView for DStv Business is just the latest in the long line of
enhancements geared towards helping businesses provide the best entertainment to
their patrons. Earlier this year the DStv Business packages were redesigned to make it
even simpler for consumers to choose a package that works for their business. Now
consumers have a choice between the Work package (suited for offices), Stay package
(suited for B&Bs, hotels and other accommodation types) and Play package (suited for
bars, pubs or clubs).
“With easier ways to choose which package works for your business as well as
XtraView on DStv Business, we are ensuring that your patrons can stay happy and
entertained while you derive the maximum value from our products,” added Nana Akoto
Agyapong, Head of DStv Business.
To learn more about XtraView for DStv Business as well as our other products please


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