GBC Workers Union Petitions NMC Over GRA’s Encroachment On GBC Land

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) divisional union of the Public Service Union of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has petitioned the National Media Commission (NMC) over the continuous encroachment on land belonging to the state broadcaster by the Ghana Revenue Authority.

In the petition dated, 30th September 2021, the union tells the NMC it has been constrained to petition the Commission because GBC’s leadership has refused to take action over the issue.

“We wish to state that we are very much aware that the D-G is a member of the Governing Board of GBC, which is also attended by the Director of Legal Services who doubles as Board Secretary. If we are minded, these two key officers should be bringing this serious matter to the attention of the Board,” the petition signed by Chairman, Sam Nat Kevor said.

It added, “We humbly submit that t6he Commission steps in before things get out of hand because work is still going on at site.”

The land in question is said to be at the GBC old house. The GRA has snubbed several demands from the GBC union to stop appropriating the land and moved in with bulldozers to clear it for development.

GBC’s workers Union in the past wrote to the colleague workers union of the GRA to impress upon GRA’s Management to stop the encroachment. But GRA’s Management has ignored its own staff.

According to the unhappy GBC union, the encroachment is going with GBC Management’s tacit endorsement because, over several months of complaining to it about the issue, Management had pussyfooted and tiptoed around the problems, only to later claim that its hands are tied due to a new land act.

“We wish to state that workers on their own begin picking information about happenings on GBC lands and this invariably, was leading to simmering agitations. This is because there is apprehension among the rank and file about the Corporation’s land,” the petition said.


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