Police Administration Interdicts Four Officers over Beating Spree at Tamale

The Police Administration says it has with immediate effect, interdicted four officers with the Tamale Regional Police Command following the alleged assault of some persons believed to be townsfolk of Tamale on Tuesday, 21st September.

 A statement from the Service said the officers will face a service inquiry, subject to the regulations of the Ghana Police Service, adding that “processes have commenced identifying the victims for the necessary medical assessment and assistance.”

The statement is signed by the Ag. Director of Police Public Affairs, ACP Kwesi Fori.

On Tuesday, a video capturing Police assault on a civilian went viral on social media. The footage captures a group of about five officers surrounding a young man and lashing him amidst questioning about electricity power theft.

“We apologize unconditionally to the affected persons and the general public,” the Police statement said.

It said the officers had been assigned to assist the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo) and the Volta River Authority (VRA) arrest some suspected power thieves stealing through illegal power connections.

Meanwhile, ACP Kwesi Fori has been making the Public Relations Department of the Service responsive since he took over. The man has taken time to communicate every noteworthy happening in Police administration and apologized whenever there was a need for it.

His performance is giving a more professional touch to Police communications even though the Service is still viewed to be notoriously corrupt.


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