Wastage Of Taxpayer Money On Sham Projects Could Trigger Unrest …CFF chief

The Executive Director of the Community Focus Foundation (CFF) Richard Kasu has said snowballing disquiet among the youth of the country in response to the Akufo-Addo government’s wanton wastage of taxpayer’s money to commission non-existent projects are dangerous signs that must be taken seriously.

In a write-up, he warns that the recent coup in Guinea and the Arab Spring were all triggered by the neglect of similar youth sentiments.

“The wanton wastage of taxes by government in commissioning nonexistent projects could trigger social unrest in Ghana,” Mr. Kasu wrote.

He adds, “Truth be told, the agitations, lamentations and apprehensions 

expressed by the majority of Ghanaians upon sighting the viral video which captured the fleet of cars used for the said working visit cannot be underestimated. The people’s voices on the wanton wastage must not be overlooked. These agitations could best be described as early warning signs of violence and social unrest. The early Mr. President rise to the occasion in inspiring hope, the better…”

The concern is coming in the wake of public disquiet over President Akufo-Addo’s recent project commissioning spree that sparked outrage when amateur videos showed close to 40 powerful V8 vehicles on the President’s entourage on the tour of selected regions in the country.

Among others, the President is reported to have re-commissioned projects that his predecessor, John Mahama had completed and commissioned years ago, and even uncompleted ones that have seen any work.

On the last destination in the Volta Region, the President caused an uproar when he commissioned a lorry park and a gutter in Anfoega. 

Angry Ghanaian youth have since been publishing videos of the long convoy on social media.

“The question is what is the sense in travelling with such huge number of vehicles under a man who promised to protect the public purse? Why this wanton wastage of limited resources in the midst of a huge unemployment rate, and the excruciating economic hardships brought on us by Covid-19? Won’t it make economic sense when such monies being wasted on presidential trips used to impact lives positively in several communities? Is this tax wastage the president’s definition of putting Ghana on the path of progress and sustained growth?” Mr. Kasu asks.


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