Ghana Is One Of Many African Countries Under Democratic Capture – Reports

At least two independent reports have warned of a trend of democratic capture in many African countries including Ghana.

The reports are “Democratic Capture in Africa” by the Center for Democratic Development (CDD), and “DEMOCRACY CAPTURE & THE SHADOW STATE IN AFRICA” by Democracy in Africa (DIA) an Eastern African Civil Society Organization dedicated to building a bridge between academics, policymakers, practitioners and citizens recent months, at least one member of a Movement, #FixTheCountry has been murdered after criticizing the government on social media while the government has used the Police and the courts to prevent the group from demonstrating.

Later when another protest broke over the killing of Mohammed Kaaka Ibrahim, the Police were unleashed on unarmed civilians, two of whom were shot dead.

Through the many atrocities of the Akufo-Addo government, the Peace Council has largely remained silent.

Meanwhile, the Peace Council has been notoriously perceived as hypocritical and pro-NPP.


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