Corrupt Gov’t Officials Will Be Brought Out Of Pension To Prison …Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro

The Founder and leader of the Alabaster International Ministries, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro, has warned of a coming judgment for corrupt officials of government, saying many of them will be recalled from pension into prison.

In a sermon to his congregation, Prophet Oduro warned that a generation of unforgiving Ghanaian youth is coming and that that generation will drag those who are corrupt, out of pension in the future and throw them into prison for their crimes.

 “There is a generation coming. They will change the constitution and bring most of you who are in power now from pension to prison. I am telling you they will bring all of you one by one from pension to prison,” he said in his characteristic fiery tone.

“A generation is coming, they don’t have sympathy, they don’t care about an elder…there is a generation coming like that. The generation wouldn’t care to put an 80-year, 90-year, or 100-year-old man or woman to the pole and fire them,” warned.

Known for his plain-talking, Prophet Oduro advised the current crop of politicians in office to see in the current troubles of former South African President, Jacob Zuma, the same kind of retribution that awaits them in future in Ghana.

Zuma is currently serving a 15-month sentence after the country’s Constitutional Court sentenced him for contempt following his refusal to cooperate with a probe into corruption in his government.

The former South African leader is also facing a number of corruption prosecutions from his days as President.

As it is with Zuma, so will it be with the current brood of corrupt public officials in Ghana, Prophet Oduro warned.

“I am telling you, let’s learn lessons from Zuma because most of you if you are not careful you will come back from pension to prison. Is this what we want? That after you have served in high reputation, fly planes, dine with Presidents and go to prison? I think I should be telling our government, let’s learn lessons from Jacob Zuma.”


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