Remorseless Afeku Thinks Ghc200,000 She Dubiously Spent Is No Money

Former Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Catherine Afeku, has rubbished the public interest in the Ghc200, 000 that the Auditor General’s report cited her to have misapplied on the Kundum Festival.

The unrepentant Afeku thinks the public scrutiny of her blowing GHC 200,000 public funds was a waste of time.

She is being questioned on what exactly she used the funds for, given that chiefs from the area she claims to have used the money for the Kundum Festival have denied receiving any such sponsorship

According to Madam Afeku, the very AG’s report which cited her misapplication of Ghc200,000 also cited malfeasance in respect of millions of State money, thus hers was “chicken change”. 

“For the past two weeks we have been wasting energy on ghc200, 000 meanwhile in the same Auditor General’s Report there is millions of malfeasance that have happened to mother Ghana,” she complained.

She also lamented that even her hometown people who she supposedly spent the Ghc200, 000 on have turned around and are disgracing her over the phantom money.

“Look at my hometown people, and what they are doing to me, disgraceful; I have to speak out…”

The former Minister for Tourism was cited by the Auditor General’s report (2018) for misapplication and diversion of Marine Drive Project funds for the Kundum Festival Celebration of her hometown from September 1 -9, 2018.

Catherine Afeku’s latest response adds a new twist to the controversy surrounding the misapplication of the Ghc200,000 after her claims the chiefs of the area can bear witness to the expenditure, had been debunked by the Paramount Chief of Lower Axim Traditional Council Awulae Attibrukusu III.

Awulae Attibrukusu lll distanced himself from the claim saying he is not aware of any such cash being splurged on the Kundum festival.

Meanwhile, on August 20, 2021, Madam Afeku had claimed that the money had been refunded to the State only to say again on Accra based Peace FM, the very next day, (Saturday August 21, 2021) that the money had been spent on the Kundum festival and cannot be refunded.

“The money has already been spent and can’t be refunded: ‘Sika no Ashii'” she said live on air.


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