Akufo-Addo Commissions Uncompleted Barracks, Sunyani Municipal Hospital …NDC

The National Democratic Congress (NDC)’S Bono Regional Youth Organizer, Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo, has accused President Akufo-Addo of commissioning uncompleted projects in the Bono Region during a recent tour.

The NDC is claiming that the projects, including the 3rd Battalion Military Barracks and the Sunyani Municipal Hospital, had been quickly plastered just so that the President can have something to commission for propaganda sake.

“When Nana Addo visited the Bono Region there were no projects to commission so he was forced to commission uncompleted projects like office for the 3BN in Sunyani barracks and Sunyani Municipal Hospital,” Efo Tsekpo wrote in a statement.

According to him, his checks showed that “the structures at 3BN and Municipal hospital were raised and has been left at the mercy of the rain and scorching sun for some months now. Few days before the President’s arrival, the Regional Minister and Abronye ordered for both projects to be added to the list of projects the President had to commission.”

He expressed disappointment that the military would make itself conspiratorial in the ruling party’s political shenanigans and propaganda.

“I challenge the Military hierarchy in the Bono Region to bring out pictures of the inner part of the building for all of us to see if what I have alleged is false. I also challenge the media to move into the building and inspect the building to prove me wrong,” Efo Tsekpo fired.

“It is sad governance has been reduced to the point where the military can use dubious means to deceive the commander-in-chief of the Ghana Armed Forces. This is how cheap our military has been reduced to. As for our health Directorate, the least said about them the better.”

Meanwhile, a video of the Maternity Ward of the uncompleted Sunyani Hospital after it was commissioned by President Akufo-Addo has gone viral on social media.

In the video, the ward is clearly still under construction with concrete debris and waste chippings heaped in the ward.

It has been said that the ward had been started former by former First Lady, Mrs. Lordina Mahama but was not completed at the time that the NDC was voted out of office in 2016.


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