GNAT Warns SHS May Soon Be Closed Down For Lack Of Food Supplies

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is warning that Senior High Schools around the country may soon have to be closed down due to lack of food supplies to feed students and money to run the administration.

In an interview, General Secretary of GNAT, Thomas Musah Tanko, warns that the government’s pretense that all is well when schools are in dire straits will soon result in a cave-in and this may happen within a matter of weeks if the government does not stop living the lie.

“We cannot say that the schools should be there, no food, no money, how do you run. Attempts have been made and it looks like there are challenges. And if there are challenges come out and tell the people what to do, but to create the impression that all is well, we cannot say that all is well. So we are saying that by the close of next week, the duty bearers must tell us something,” Mr. Tanko warned.

His complaint comes as an adlib to complaints that many schools have been raising about delays in the disbursement of monies to the schools and the lack of food supplies to feed students.

Meanwhile, amidst the concerns, the government has been saying that things are under control and that delayed disbursements will soon be sorted out.

However, Mr. Tanko warns that if the government does not muster up a solution soonest, schools will soon have no option but to close down.

“The schools are on their knees, If nothing is done we might be here and you will hear that the schools will have to be closed down; not because government is closing down the schools, but there will be nothing to take care of the children in the schools.”


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