NDC MP Runs Away From GHC133k ‘Ghost’ Money

National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP for Ada, Hon. Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe-Ghansah, has courted widespread public admiration as she walked away from some mysterious Ghc133,000 cash that suddenly appeared in her bank account.

On Monday, August 16, 2021, she told her followers on social media that the huge sum of money had hit her bank account and yet she did not have the remotest idea who the depositor was. 

The MP who refused to be seduced by the huge lump of dough then used her platform to tell whoever had routed the money to her to reverse it, adding she was not about to become somebody’s scapegoat.

“Whoever has deposited a huge sum of money in my money wallet without my knowledge should reverse it before I report to the Police. Nobody should use me as a scapegoat,” she wrote.

Some 18 hours later, Hon. Cudjoe-Ghansah updated her followers to the effect that she had reported the matter to the Parliament Police and also instructed her bank to reverse the transfer to whatever ghost deposited the money.

Interestingly, she added that her bank would not let her know the source of the money and that the bank, name of which she did not provide, had promised to investigate the strange money dump.

Some people are speculating that the money may be coming from some government agents who may be trying to set her up, but the terrified MP would not go down easily.

“Hello friends, the case of the huge sum of money deposited in my account without my knowledge, has officially been reported to the Police Commander of Parliament. Later, I also went to file an official complaint at the bank. Officials of the bank told me they will reverse the money. I tried to know the source of the money but I was told by the officials that they suspect their system but they will investigate and get back to me.”

She also warned whoever was behind the transfer that she was not going to allow herself to be used for any nefarious money laundering activities.


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