Bawumia Talks Too Much-Arthur Kennedy Jabs

Maverick member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr Arthur Kennedy has slammed Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia for his loudmouth and grandiose pronouncements on the Ghanaians economy which has evidently taken a downslide.

But Arthur Kennedy who was speaking on Neat FM in an interview monitored by Whatsup News said Dr. Bawumia’s claim that the Akufo Addo’s mammoth debt overhand meant the economy was being properly managed was a “joke” and insensitive to the average Ghanaians t the Mokola market.

“The Vice President should go back to the classroom; he likes too many theories. He should go to Makola market and tell the traders that the economy is getting better and listen to what they will tell him; I mean come on, really??? I thought it was a joke . . . the economy is doing well for who?” Arthur Kennedy said in his characteristics blunt rebuttal.

“…The end of an economic policy is to help ordinary people . . . we have schools unable to open because we can’t give them money; we have businessmen who are owed millions of money by the government for contract and the Vice President is bragging about how great the economy is; really? He should be explaining why things are so bad.”

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia was recently speaking at a TESCON conference in Cape Coast on where he claimed that even though the debt levels have gone up, the economy has been well managed by the ruling government, unlike the NDC.

“I want to let you think about one thing; you hear the NDC saying the debt level has gone up. Sure the debt level has gone up, but economic levels have not gone down. The debt level has increased yes . . . but why do we want to maintain a prudent debt level? Bawumia told the bemused students.

“Our debt levels have gone up, but what has happened to interest rate? It has come down. What has happened to growth? It is going up. That is a difference in economic management. There is one that is incompetent and there is one that is competent. If you choose the NDC, you go to the incompetent path and if you choose the NPP, you have competent economic management,” he said.

However, his statement had irked some cross-section of the Ghanaians public, including the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) which questioned his acclaimed economic acumen which was the primary reason why he was selected as the running mate to President Akufo Addo.


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