‘Pastor Mensah Otabil Is An Ewe Man And I’m His Son’

…Kaneshie head porter Reveals

A man who plies his trade as a head porter at the Kaneshie Market, Accra’s second most popular market, is claiming that he is the estranged son of respected preacher Pastor Dr. Mensah Otabil.

In a now viral social media video, the man insists that the Founder and General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) is his father.

Again, contrary to the popularly held belief, the impoverished man claims Otabil is an Ewe man who has hidden his true tribal identity.

Kawdzo Togah also claims that he is the namesake of his father aka Dr. Mensah Otabil who had named him after himself.

“He is my father, I used to live with him at Daboase Nkwanta. At that time he was not a Pastor but a farmer. I later traveled from Daboase to Tarkwa to visit my mother who is called Fati,” claims the younger Togah.

He adds for good measure; “Mensah Otabil is an Ayigbe (Ewe) man; it’s his mother that is an Ahanta her name is Baale Kwane from Ahanta Agona Nkwanta, Agona Fie. His mother grew to a ripe old age of 97 before she died.”

The claims were made in an interview with one Evangelist Kwesi Appiah, who said he was shocked at the destitution of the man claiming to be a son of the highly respected Pastor Dr. Mensah Otabil.

And according to Evangelist Appiah, what seduced his interest, even more, was the fact that at the Kaneshie market where Kwadwo Togah plies his head porting trade, everybody there knows him as the son of Mensah Otabil.

The footage of the interview which has since gone viral also captures Evangelist Appiah confessing that even though he is a bit skeptical about the claims of Kwadzo Togah, the man’s looks speak of nothing but a striking resemblance to Dr. Mensah Otabil.

As to why his father is the well respected and well to do Dr. Mensah Otabil who is also a successful motivational speaker, and yet he is a hustler at the Kaneshie market, he explains that he has made several attempts to reconnect with the father from whom he was estranged almost 20 years ago. However, whenever he goes to the ICGC Church to meet with him, church ushers prevent him from meeting with his dad.

“They would tell me to wait for him to finish a sermon and then they would take me to him, but when they never take me to him…I see him only from a distance when he is preaching in church but the ushers never allow me near him,” he lamented.

According to his persistence has finally yielded promises from some two ushers who have asked him to write his name so they can present it to his father, however, he has been suffering from hernia and the hernia has made it difficult for him to return to the church.

He is waiting for the pains from his hernia to subside so that he can take his name to the ushers.


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