‘Honest’ Police Officer Rewarded For Returning GHS2,000 found By Bank ATM

Police officer, Constable Prince Fordjour of the National SWAT unit is making all the headlines as he gets rewarded GHC 11,000 for returning some GHC 2,000 found at a bank’s ATM.

Constable Fordjour’s was rewarded on Friday, July 16, 2021, at the Police Headquarters by Stanbic Bank 

According to the police account of the rare incident, Constable Fordjour found GHC 2,000 cash dispensed at the Abeka Total branch of Stanbic Bank with nobody in sight, but successfully beat the temptation of pocketing the money.

His first reaction was to secure the money and report it to his commander, Chief Superintendent Theodore Hlormenu who in turn returned the money to the bank.

The commander said he was impressed by the action of the officer, as it embodies the motto of the Police Service.

“It is not about the amount involved but the gesture of the constable which personifies what the police represents in the community, which is the same as our motto ‘Service with Integrity,” he said.

Stanbic bank rewarded the officer with a special investment fund of GHS4,000; a gift voucher of GHS 1,000, a current account credited with GHS1,000, and corporate souvenirs of Stanbic Bank, for displaying honesty and integrity.

This action by the police constable is extremely rare, given countless polls showing that the Ghana Police Service is the most corrupt institution in Ghana.


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