Nursing Allowance Scam Exposed, As Nursing Trainees Ordered To Pay Fees

Nursing trainees are being asked to pay school fees in full or lose their studies, Whatsup News has gathered from an intercepted memo from the Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Keta-Volta Region.

The June 22, 2021 memo written by the school’s principal reads: “This is to remind all students that, they have to pay their fees in full or pay at least 60% of the fees as soon as they report to school. Students who do not make any payment of fees at all should not be served breakfast, lunch and supper,” the principal wrote in a shocking memo.

This is a slap on the face of the Akufo Addo administration which had promised to scrap all fees for nursing trainees and restore their allowances.

The Akufo Addo administration had used as its main policy, a free education programme for secondary school students. It also promised lofty incentives for some tertiary students such as nurses.

However, the development at Keta is reported to be a growing trend among nursing training schools as well as many Senior High Schools.

The situation is so serious at the Keta nursing school that students will have to show proof of paid fees before they can access food at the school canteen or attend lectures.

“All students who have paid their fees should go to the accounts office and register before they can be served or allowed to attend lectures. The Head of Kitchen must ensure students’ payment list is used when serving food,” the memo concluded.


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